ISO 9001/14001

Ing. Westad AS, being a small company, still recognizes that our environment is affected by the way we conduct our business. Therefore our quality- and environmental effort is validated by external, sertified advisors and auditors by the ISO-standards 9001 (quality) and 14001 (environment). In may 2018 we upgraded to the 2015 standard.

Ing. Westad also wants to help our customers achieve their environmental and quality goals: many of our products are components contributing to correct operating temperature of machines and systems – in itself leading to lower emissions and costs. We also provide systems to prevent explosions, together with instrumentation for quality- and state control. Last – but not least – by choosing quality in every step of our business conduct we contribute to fewer customer complaints and returns – hence to decreased transport load on our roads. This way a small company can still affect the environment considerably. 

KERN vekter. AMOT temperaturstyrte ventiler. EBRO instrumenter. Chalwyn.