May 21st 2018


The 11” Rigsaver valves primarily used for offshore power generation require regular testing, servicing and maintenance. Recent inspection have highlighted the need to raise awareness with the operators of the correct test procedure and service schedule.  It is essential for the safety of staff and equipment that the valve functions correctly.


To correct this the manufacturer has published a product upgrade bulletin stating that all Rigsaver 11SGE valves manufactured before January 1, 2014 should be upgraded with a new cover kit (or completely replaced) to ensure proper function. Subsequently it is also important to follow the correct testing procedure, along with the recommended maintenance schedule integrated into work procedures.

Maintenance schedule

Once you have installed and tested the cover kit upgrade, we recommend you introduce the following maintenance schedule activities for this component.

Download the Product Upgrade Bulletin >> (pdf)

Please contact Ing. Westad AS to order Rigsaver Valves or Rigsaver Upgrade Kits, and to obtain further information about the new testing procedures and maintenance schedule. Contact us here >>